Supporter engagement platform

The place where you unlock the potential in your supporters

Recruit and retain the supporters that are the bedrock of your organization

Supporter-centric community software designed to grow your people power and leverage your grassroots membership

Unique database management features to find your best supporters and turn them from passive to active.

Build a map of your supporter's profile so you can understand the people who care most about what you do.

Become a data-driven organization with advanced supporter engagement insights.

Why do organizations love Ecanvasser's supporter engagement platform?

Self-generated supporter map

Ecanvasser’s member directory lets you visualize your supporters where they are and see their profiles. See your people on the map and strategize where to focus next to build your movement. And the best thing is this member directory is self-generated by users after a simple invite email thereby helping you to clean up your tired database into a map of active supporters.


Supporter profiles

Understand who and where your people are so you can improve your supporter engagement and new supporter recruitment. Member profiles bring your grassroots into a virtual world that highlights their skills and recent activities. See the strength of your organization in real-time with Ecanvasser.


Direct communication portal

Now that you know who your members are, where they are, and what they can do for the organization, you will want to coordinate them. Communicate directly with your members by phone, email or push notification to the member’s Ecanvasser app. Getting your grassroots mobilized has never been this easy.


Advanced supporter analytics

Measure the people-power in your organization with advanced member analytics that detail activities done and data captured. Compare and contrast team efforts and rank individuals on your Team Leaderboard. Motivate your supporters with their own stats and work completed by their team.


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