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Why choose Ecanvasser?

Choose Ecanvasser when pen and paper are killing you... When organizing your team is a headache... When you need one place, one simple dashboard to understand your community and win!

If only we had an affordable outreach tool...

Bring your team together in one place

Invite volunteers and staff to your local election campaign by email and then assign walk-lists and tasks. Manage door-to-door canvassing remotely. Set up teams with their own surveys and talking points.

Work in the field?

Field operatives can download the free Ecanvasser app. Capture information about voters including surveys, #issues or contact info. Field data syncs automatically to the dashboard but canvassers can work offline also. Navigate walk-lists by list or map view.

Want to follow-up with your community?

Ensure all outreach is followed up by email or through casework management. Create voter segments based on survey responses, #issues or voter statuses. Email blast to segments or individuals direct from the dashboard without a need for 3rd party softwares.

Need to track campaign activity?

Track campaign activity including individuals and set up permission levels for all campaign members to increase security. Election day management and GOTV can be tracked through our system to ensure you maximize your vote.

What's going on with my campaign and my community?

Metrics on my outreach

See how far your campaign has come with headline stats like number of houses visited, average reception rating, custom field analytics, and canvasser tracking.

Metrics on my community

Understand your community with survey analytics, insights by area or demographic, and #issues raised.

Metrics on my campaign

Identify swing areas or areas for follow-up work. Use campaign data to motivate your team to drive on. Track your email open rates and hot topics for your community.

Even national organizations manage their teams from field to HQ...
Super fast team onboarding by email invite
Multiple permission levels from Campaign Manager to Canvasser
Multiple-campaigns structure as part of Master Account
Advanced team structures and assignments

Our Canvassing App

Ecanvasser syncs data between a cloud-based dashboard and a smartphone canvassing app.

Full integration with the electoral register makes it an unbeatable way to manage your campaign.

Ecanvasser is a solution built with the professional public representative in mind. Ecanvasser gives you everything you need to take a step forward in public life.

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See how Ecanvasser can help you...

  • Outreach
    Reach out to your community with our mobile canvassing app, survey builder, casework manager and email blast.
  • Analytics
    View your campaign stats down to individual team members' activity. Break down the information you capture to really understand your community. See your database come to life with our map view and database filters.
  • Organization
    Whether you are a local campaign that needs to ensure the integrity of your field data or a national party with sub-campaigns and hundreds of staff, Ecanvasser provides the unified system for all your team to work off.