Reach your community and build real relationships

The next wave of data-driven community engagement

A central dashboard for all your community outreach

Community outreach that mixes online and offline engagement building intelligence and driving action

Turn conversations into data, data into action. Your movement needs to be built on data.

To reach everyone in your community you need both digital and real-world tools.

Find new supporters in the community who are willing to donate or offer their time or skills.

How does Ecanvasser drive community engagement?

Make every community contact count

Community contact needs to be both online and offline. Whether you are engaging people by phone, email, on social, SMS, at events, on the doorsteps, even around the dinner table you need to be able to capture that interaction. The feedback, ideas, dissent, support, intention to action, even the disinterest...they will make your movement stronger.


Mobile apps for real-world interactions

Let your supporters and activists take the organization with them, wherever they go. Ecanvasser’s mobile apps are always-on for surveys, data capture, volunteer recruitment, even p-2p fundraising. Customize the apps to your organization’s goals and give your activists best-in-class tools for their community engagement.


Map your community and visualize your engagement

Community interactions are happening already, every day. What Ecanvasser gives you is a place to view and analyze the totality of your community engagement. See your community come to life on the Ecanvasser dashboard and gain insights on how your movement is growing. Track and assess supporter efforts to help you build a data-driven movement.


Community CRM for advanced filtering, analysis and outreach

Unlock the power in your community with our CRM database which allows you to filter, segment and take actions. Reach deeper into your community with both digital and real-world tools. Find the skills and support intent that turns a passive community into a powerful force for change. Layer in GIS maps and shapefiles or graft in other databases to create rich and compelling insights.


Caseworker for easy constituent relationship management

Caseworker allows you to capture issues from your community and follow-up with them in a timely and efficient manner. Assign a casefile to a team member and indicate a priority level so the casework can be processed directly from the Ecanvasser dashboard. Reply to the community member by email and resolve the issue for them quickly. Capture issues at local meetings, on doorsteps or even from social media. Each issue is individually logged and recorded automatically so you are always on top of what your community needs.

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Phone outreach

There is now a clear trend towards phone and SMS outreach for community organizations. Face-to-face outreach programs at events are now being supplemented by phone and SMS communications. Using your teams' own phones you can reach supporters and community members quickly and efficiently. All data is captured in real-time while on the call and sync'd back to the central database. Simply assign call lists to your volunteers and even push call scripts direct to their app to keep them on-message at all times. Phone and SMS outreach is the most effective and efficient way of reaching your community this year.

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