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Resellers Program

The Ecanvasser Reseller Partner Program is designed to enable, and reward partners based on your business model and how you engage with customers to deliver the Ecanvasser organizing platform. Ecanvasser Reseller Partners include value-added resellers and system integrators with experience in community, political and advocacy organizing. As a reseller, your company will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Improve your client offering by adding the world's leading field campaigning and organizing solution to your portfolio
  • Expanding your offering to your current customer base while also putting yourself in a position to attract to new clients
  • Beyond the solution, you also get access to- excellent account management, campaigning experts and integrations.

Referral Program

The Ecanvasser Referral Partner Program is designed to reward partners for generating new Ecanvasser opportunities by recommending Ecanvasser services to their respective clients and prospects. Ideal candidates for the Ecanvasser Referral Program include Consultants, Agencies, and system integrators. The key benefits of the program includes:

  • Attractive commission on qualified referrals
  • Opportunities to take part in feedback sessions with the team on our product roadmap
  • Access to the newly improved Education and Resource Center which will ensure you stay on top of winning product workflows!

More ways to Partner with Ecanvasser

If you are working on something new and want to join forces but don't exactly know how, why not get in touch anyway. In the past we have worked with some of the best creative minds in the SaaS world. Some of our favorite creative collaborators have helped us produce strategic blueprint article, educational webinars on trending topics, contribute to our newsletter and also blog. If this sounds like you, complete the application below and let's get started.

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