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Track your canvassing & capture data
in real time with Ecanvasser Walk

Capture every conversation with voters

  • Record valuable data
    With Ecanvasser Walk you can capture names, addresses, phone numbers & customizable fields. You can also collect answers to surveys and take note of voter issues.
  • Customize the canvass experience
    Our software allows you to build your own mobile app and view what this will look like through your Dashboard. This feature lets you control what your canvasser sees and capture the data that matters for your campaign.

Coordinate your campaign securely

  • Increase security & data protection
    Always know that your data is secure and your voters are protected with our comprehensive security settings. Our Privacy Dashboard and consent capture helps you to be compliant with data protection regulations.
  • Coordinate your canvassers
    Create teams of canvassers and assign walklists directly to their devices. See canvasser activity and performance stats in real-time.

Increase your campaigns effectiveness

  • Deliver key messages
    With our Talking Points feature you can outline what your canvassers will say at each door they knock on. This will not only make them more confident when speaking but will also keep your campaign message consistent.
  • Organize your team efficiently
    Monitor your canvassers performance and results to make the best use of resources. Ensure that you are capturing actionable data for your campaign.

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