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Canvass door-to-door

  • Cover the ground efficiently
    With Ecanvasser Walk you can cover the ground quicker. Efficiency in field canvassing is delivered through easy walk-list assignment and all information being synced to the central database.
  • Organize and track canvassing
    Super-fast turf cutting and walk-list assignment directly to canvassers devices. Real-time tracking of canvasser activity ensures productivity and security for your team.
  • Make field campaigning simple
    Field canvassing can get complicated very quickly. Make the experience a good one for all your volunteers and canvassers so they are motivated to do more for you.

Find votes behind every door

  • Target voters effectively
    Target voters by any data point in your database and then get your team to engage those people directly. Learn from the canvassing you are doing to target for GOTV.
  • Understand your voter data easily
    Powerful dashboard analytics, map views and easy reports help you understand your voters better so your messaging is just right.
  • Turn your support into votes
    Pledged support doesn't always translate into votes at the ballot box. Drive your GOTV operations by knowing exactly who to talk to and what to say on election day.

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