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Tap into the mood of your community

  • Hear all the voices in your area
    A common complaint for campaign managers is that they only hear from voters already in their voter file. With Ecanvasser Go you won't be blindsided by what silent voters or your competitor's voters really think.
  • Dial up your community engagement
    Wherever people go Ecanvasser Go can follow! On-street, at the shopping mall, at community events, you can now canvass, do surveys, polling, and even capture new supporters.

Canvass without a voter file

  • Meet more people, turn out more voters
    An average canvassing route might yield 20 doors knocked per hour. With Ecanvasser Go your team can talk to 200 people an hour! That's a lot of voters.
  • A whole new way to canvass
    Ecanvasser Go has a fresh new look for canvassing that your team will love. Our swipe left, swipe right system is fun and simple to use for volunteers which means you get more engagement.

Find new voters in the community

  • Bring new voters into your database
    By using Ecanvasser Go, you can be confident about making the right impression and attracting new supporters into your database
  • Capture voter information securely
    Citizen's privacy is important. Record voter's personally identifiable information in a secure and safe way with Ecanvasser Go.

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