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Canvass by area

  • Build heatmaps of your community
    With Ecanvasser Go you can build a picture of what your community thinks on topics and what type of people they are. Use this information to inform your campaign messaging and digital outreach.
  • Track voter sentiment in real-time
    Never be blind-sided by changes in voter mood when you run surveys and polling regularly. See how voter sentiment changes over time and react to those changes quickly.
  • Make political campaigning fun
    Getting supporters involved in your campaign can be difficult. Ecanvasser Go is a fun tool that motivates activists to engage voters.

Find new supporters in the community

  • Target areas and events for support
    Find new supporters at events and locations that you might not have in your existing database. Capture contact information with secure e-signature consent that complies with GDPR.
  • Build a database of supporters
    If you don't have an existing database you can build your own through face-to-face engagement and then nurture those relationships online or through activism.
  • Turn supporters into activists or voters
    Supporters can be turned into activists or voters using Ecanvasser Go's. Toggle supporters to volunteers or get a pledge of voting intention while talking to people.

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