Campaign Solution

Manage every aspect of
your campaign with Ecanvasser

Turbocharge your Database

  • Import your database
    Use our simple importer to bring your database to life. If you don't have a database don't worry, we can provide you with one or help you to work without one.
  • Get great visualisations
    Being able to visualize your voters effectively is essential for campaigning. Get great views of your turfs, use our advanced filtering to segment and understand how to reach out to people better.

Campaigning your way

  • Fully customizable canvassing app
    Our customizable canvassing app is unique for campaigning. Simply drag and drop the fields that are important to you and see exactly how it will populate on your canvasser's devices.
  • Statuses that match your voters
    Set up to 10 different colours and statuses to reflect the way you see your voters.
  • Permission access to dashboard
    Create permission levels for your campaign team members that gives them the access they need to do their jobs successfully

Get the most out of your team

  • Easy team onboarding
    One-click onboarding of team members by phone or email. Upgrade supporters and voters to volunteers when out in the field.
  • Task assignments
    Create walk-lists and assign directly to canvassers. Assign follow-up work with voters to individual team members.
  • Canvasser tracking
    See canvasser activity in real-time and track how effective your team really are.

Gain Key Insights into your community

  • Canvassing insights
    Understand your voters better by seeing data from field canvassing clearly presented. Your campaign team will gain actionable insights quickly.
  • Team insights
    See what teams and individuals have done and the level of responses they are getting in the field
  • Compare your campaigns
    Compare and contrast your different campaigns. See insights based on surveys, canvasses and campaign team performance.